Palghat brewery


Fully automated brewery, for Millennium Alcobev Ltd – A Joint venture brewing company between S&N and UB group


Quality Control Lab


Quality Control Lab at the Palghat brewery


Areial View

Aerial view of the Palghat brewery, India

400 ton refrigeration plant

Puglhat Brewery – 400 ton refrigeration plant

China Visit

Inspecting Railway City Brewing equipment

Raleigh Brewing North Carolina

Inspecting the Raleigh Brewing North Carolina

2 Head automatic Keg Washer and 1000kg per hour malt mill

5 BBL Direct Fire 2 vessel brewing system with Hot liquor tank

20 HL 2 vessel combi Brewhouse

25 HL 2 vessel Brewhouse

30 HL 2 vessel Combi Brewhouse

30 HL combi Brewhouse

40 HL fermentors ready for shipping

Mash Kettle top withGrist hydrator

Ready for Shipping!

Uni tanks and Brite tanks

VFD controlled Trolly pump

Specification of Brewery Equipment

  • Review of current brewery recipes and complexity in order to scope equipment
  • Review current brewery volume and forecasted growth
  • Develop specification requirements for size of brewery equipment to match current volume and forecasted growth
  • Provide recommendations for phased brewery expansion to meet forecasted volume
  • Review specifications and size ancillary equipment to match Brewery equipment and future capacity needs.

Review and Selection of Suppliers

  • Review and Selection of Suppliers
  • Review multiple supplier options from both local and overseas suppliers
  • Visit or call possible reverences
  • Work with potential suppliers to review specification requirements and engineer final solution
  • Order of Equipment

Coordination of Shipping and Delivery

  • Review and selection of container shipping and customs clearance brokers
  • Estimation of shipping, Review Insurance, Customs and Local Trucking
  • Execute coordination of container supply and shipping
  • Communication with customs clearance brokers

Brewery commissioning and Packaging Equipment selection

  • Assessment and Review
  • Packaging Equipment Supplier review and Selection
  • Collecting references and confirmation
  • Coordination of shipping and Delivery – Packaging Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment Install Coordination
  • Commissioning and Training
  • Coordinate Commissioning
  • Water and Brewing Trials
  • Equipment documentation

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